McNutt Consulting Give Back Sign Up Program

McNutt Consulting, LLC will donate the first 1% of the placement fee for every position filled with your company to one of the organizations/individuals below.

*Once you have made a selection, the organization/individual will receive a donation from McNutt Consulting, LLC upon receipt of your paid invoice on behalf of your Company.

The Streger family has recently announced that both Kyle and Brittany will become Full Time YoungLife Staff members. They are responsible for raising all funds to pay their salaries. In order to be on Young Life staff in Collierville, Brittany will need to raise $30,000 in personal support. They have two beautiful twin girls, Cooper and Haddie, and have their hands full to say the least. They are taking a complete jump of blind faith to serve in this local ministry.

Brittany Streger’s Story

I grew up attending many different churches and thought that I had a good understanding of what it meant to follow God. However, once I met my Young Life leader I soon began to realize that I had missed something big. For me, God was something, not some one. He was something that I could reference around my leaders and my church friends, but someone that I forgot about on the weekends. As I began to grow closer to my leader, she began to show me God in a way that I had never seen Him. Instead of God being someone reminding me of all the things that I shouldn’t do and feeling like I would never measure up to who He wanted me to be, I began to realize that He loved me for me- who I was and where I was. My life was forever changed. My leader invested in me in a way that I could not help but want to invest in others the same way. I want them to experience God moving in their lives and to truly understand how much He desires to be in a relationship with them.

I have known since high school that I wanted to be a Young Life Leader, and it brings me such joy, after 8 years of being a volunteer leader, to finally be a part of the Young Life staff. Young Life in Collierville, T.N., is made up of 5 schools. The schools in this area include Collierville High School, St George’s Independent School - Upper, Collierville Middle School, St. George’s Independent School - Middle, and Schilling Farms Middle School. The leaders in the Collierville area consist of young professionals and college students. There are four staff members in the area. Collierville High School is the only public high school in Collierville, Tennessee and has almost 2,500 students. My role would be to head up Collierville High Young Life, as well as Wyldlife at Collierville Middle School and Schilling Farms Middle School.

Cancer can take a Girl's Hair, but Don't take away her Lipstick!!" Status: $4,860 of $15k goal

In January, Kim began her 2nd battle with breast cancer in 8.4 years and she will have a total of 9 rounds of chemo, for a total of 18 weeks. This is an aggressive schedule to shrink (2) tumors that have appeared and have spread to her lymph-nodes.

She recently had surgery to remove the tumors and affected lymph nodes. Pathology results following her surgery were pretty good. Chemo zapped cancer in her breast and 11 total nodes were removed, 3 had still had small traces of cancer. Now, Kim will start her radiation treatment that will consist of  30 treatments, (daily for 6 weeks),

This fund has been set up to support Kim's out of pocket medical expenses and miscellaneous expenses related to her new breast cancer battle, as well as her financial expenses for her and her family. She is completely out of paid time off and does not have disability coverage. She is trying to work during her recovery, but cannot continue to do so and allow her body to heal properly. Any donations to help support my amazing best friend and her incredible family financially to simply pay their bills and cover some of their skyrocketing medical expenses are appreciated.

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Young Life Capernaum

Young Life leaders have the privilege of knowing and sharing their lives with teenagers and young adults with disabilities. While all Young Life activities are open to every high school student, many Young Life areas have dedicated programs for students and young adults with disabilities, typically referred to as Young Life Capernaum. Young Life Capernaum gives young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the chance to experience fun and adventure, to develop fulfilling friendships and to challenge their limits while building self-esteem through club, camp and other exciting activities. 

My daughter, Brittany Lockwood, is a Volunteer Leader and founding team member for Capernaum in Chattanooga. She was instrumental in starting a Capernaum Club for the City of Chattanooga. Because this is a new division of Young Life in Chattanooga, they are struggling to raise funds to continue to provide weekly gatherings with the kids in addition to raising funds to assist in paying their way to camp and all activities. 100% of all donations go directly to fund the kids, not paid staff or volunteers. Brittany also serves as a volunteer YoungLife Leader in Chattanooga for Red Banks High School and leads small group bible studies for her kids at Red Banks.

Brittany just returned from taking her Capernaum kids to Camp for the very first time to the YL Carolina Point Camp. Carolina Point recently underwent a major renovation to make the camp fully accessible to kids with disabilities. The can now swim in a pool with zero entry access for those in wheel chairs, mini-water park activities designed for those with physical disabilities and special tandem harnesses so they can zip line just like all the other campers. Brittany’s heart for these kids is her passion and she has worked tirelessly to make sure that her “kids” would have the same opportunities as the established YL Capernaum Clubs in Memphis and Collierville. 

Brittany’s Facebook Post: “I can't imagine my life without these students, this team, or this ministry! I'm so thankful to have a place where our friends with disabilities are loved and celebrated the way they should always be.”